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Differentiating between a blocked drain and a blocked septic tank can be challenging; however, it isn’t impossible. If you’ve got a blocked sewer drain or sewer system, it’s also a different story. Check out how to deal with a blocked sewer or blocked drain.

Clogged septic tanks tend to create a similar problem which resembles a blocked pipe or drain. As such, following the wrong procedure to repair clogged septic tanks can cause severe damage to the septic system. Nevertheless, you can repair clogged septic tanks if you follow the correct steps.

And as for clogged drains, you can use a drain snake for unblocking, a commercial-grade drain cleaner to remove any clog from a drain, or you can use natural ways to unblock drain blockages. However, you must ensure that you use them regularly. Furthermore, a clogged drain will respond differently than a clogged septic tank; therefore, doing a little research can take you a long way.

Hence, we have listed some of the most effective ways to differentiate drain blockage from clogged septic tanks. Please don’t ignore it because a blocked drain can cause real damage to your property, and a blocked septic tank can be hazardous to your health. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Diagnosing Clogged Drains And Blocked Septic Tank

One of the easiest ways to diagnose a clogged drain and a blocked septic tank is by identifying the different plumbing strain noises. Whenever you notice noise from the drain pipe, there is a problem in the drain, and you must rectify it as soon as possible.

Here is a list of a few plumbing drain noises that can help you to identify the problem:

Professional Opening Lid Septic Tank

1. Hiss Or Blub Sound

A partial drain blockage can cause the water to flow forcefully through the constricted area. This can cause the drain pipe to leave a hiss or blub sound while the water passes through.

2. Gurgling Sound

If your main plumbing system has inadequate plumbing vents, it can cause the drain to leave a gurgling noise. Technically speaking, this problem usually occurs since there is not enough space for water to flow freely. In the process, the air gets trapped in the partial vacuum, and this causes the gurgling effect.

You will mostly hear this gurgling effect in the shower or sink whenever you turn on the fixture in the toilet.

3. Varying Drain Noises

Sometimes, you might hear noises from your drain pipes, but that doesn’t mean the pipes are not functioning normally. Some drain pipe materials transmit sound more easily than others. For instance, a plastic drain pipe will sound different from a cast iron pipe with better insulation.

In this type of situation, the best solution is proper pipe insulation. You can contact an experienced plumber, who will track down the source of the sound and provide proper insulation solutions for the pipes. This should resolve the problem of alarming drain noises.

4. Unusual Solutions

It may so happen that an amateur plumber used an unusual solution to fix some pipe problem. For instance, they might have left the running waste lines inside the building, which might cause the pipes to become noisy.

Moreover, these non-standard solutions can cause a pool of non-flowing water to accumulate within the pipes. This can result in corrosion and putrid smells due to bacterial growth and waste accumulation.

If you notice a single fixture is clogged or sluggish and the rest work normally, there might not be a septic tank problem. In this case, we recommend getting clogged drains fixed by a professional plumber.

Septic System Issues

Initially, most people assume that a septic tank is a singular component; however, it is a system of different components that work together. This system consists of three important parts; tank, absorption fields and waste pipes. If any of these components causes the problem, the whole system starts to crash.

Tools Remove Blockage Septic Tank

For instance, you might notice your septic tank is having an issue during the rainy season. This is a clear sign that there is a problem with the absorption fields. If the absorption fields are not properly installed, it can cause the water to overflow and flood the tank. In such a situation, you will need to call a professional since there is no DIY fix for this problem.

Similarly, if you notice the septic backup up despite being pumped, there is a problem with the waste pipes. Usually, most problems related to waste pipes are connected to blockages; hence, unclogging the waste pipes is one of the easiest ways to resolve this problem.

If there is damage to the waste pipes, we recommend changing them entirely with new pipes. This will ensure that the septic system functions properly. Besides this, you can contact professional plumbers since they have all equipment to remove the sludge from your pipes.

If the septic tank backs up whenever you have an extra guest over at your place, it means that the system can not accommodate the excess water. So, we recommend emptying the tank manually and replacing it with a bigger one if you expect the guest to stay longer. This will ensure that the tank can process all the extra wastewater without difficulty.

Prevent Blocked Septic Sytems and Drains

Water Pipeline Deptic Tank

With that, we have reached the end of our guide. Before signing off, we would like to share a few tips to prevent blocked drains and clogged septic systems. Firstly, you should always ensure that you don’t throw toilet paper or sanitary essentials down the toilet tank or drain. Blockages can be caused by this, leading to slow drains due to water being unable to drain properly.

Besides this, you should use drain cleaners whenever you notice strange noises from your clogged drain. But, be careful when using harsh chemical drain cleaners as they can cause further damage. The septic tank system must be cleaned regularly since accumulated wastewater can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, again, steer clear of strong chemical drain cleaners. Having your tank pumped or your sewer lines checked on a regular basis is a must.

Lastly, you can contact a professional septic tank repair service if you have a tough time resolving the plumbing problem. Aside from the fact that they know the proper way of using a chemical drain cleaner, they can also inspect your sewer drains with a CCTV drain camera before they proceed to drain cleaning. And if you’ve got blocked drains or a blocked sewer system, Fixed Fast Plumbing is your trusted plumber to do the job for you. We’re equipped with the latest technology to repair and clear your drainage system. So, give us a call.

That said, it’s a wrap. See you next time!

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