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Are you facing issues with the drain and wondering if there is a blockage? Well, watch out for some significant signs of blocked drains.

When a blockage starts forming inside pipelines, you will notice a change in the water movement, smell, or sound coming from the drain. That could mean you need to fix the gutters immediately.

In other cases, you may not be able to see any early signs of clogged drains. Instead, you’ll directly see drains flooding or pipes bursting, where the entire pipeline will need replacement. This is an emergency plumbing and requires professional help.

We have discussed significant signs of a blocked drain so that you know when to call for emergency services.

So, keep everything aside and start reading!

When Is A Blocked Drain An Emergency?

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Maintaining the right water pressure is essential for a fully functioning drainage system. If you notice a lower water pressure, it could indicate a broken or a burst water pipe or drain blockages in someplace in the drainage system. A blocked drain is alarming if it (e.g. shower drains or bathroom drains) causes flooding in certain areas of the house and needs immediate attention.

Now, let’s talk about what could lead to the collapse of the plumbing system or drainage system concerning blocked drains.

1. Waterlogged Gardens

Have you noticed waterlogging in your garden or backyard? That could happen because of the overflowing or blocked drains that do not allow wastewater to pass through. This could lead to weeds and other plants growing next to the gutters.

If you notice such a condition outside the house, it is best to call emergency services and an emergency plumber immediately. Otherwise, these waterlogged areas can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

2. Slow Water Movement

Often, homeowners have complained about the slow movement of water down sinks or toilet holes. Many choose to ignore this, but that could lead to bigger problems, and one may spend a lot more money on fixing the issue. We recommend getting emergency help to unblock drains as soon as you notice this.

But before you do so, try pouring hot water down the pipeline and checking if that clears up the blockage. If it does not work, professional help is needed.

3. Frozen Pipes

For those who live in a place that sees a lot of snow or the temperature falls, pipes may freeze quickly. The only way to prevent them from freezing is to let hot water pass through often. You can also learn how to drain pipes for the winter to prevent them from bursting.

Otherwise, the pipes can freeze, which can then lead to bursting. They will become brittle and prevent water from passing through, and you may have to replace all the pipes. So, when you first notice signs of frozen pipes, contact professional plumbers so that they can save the old ones in time.

4. Flooding Drains

If you see the drains flooding, understand that they are in a bad state. You will be able to see wastewater leaking through walls, or there could be pools of water underneath sinks. Also, you might notice water streaming down the side of your house from drain pipes.

Flooding generally occurs if the pipe (like your sewer pipes) has broken down or gotten blocked. For example, you may not notice that there are tree roots invading your pipe system. The water cannot pass through, and the drain bursts or leaks, leading to a flood. Please call for help immediately and try not to use the bathroom or kitchen till a professional comes and works on your shower drain.

5. Bad Smell

A bad smell coming from drains can be an indication of a blockage. This happens when food gets stuck in the pipes and remains for days. If you have allowed grease, too much toilet paper, baby wipes or other materials to enter the drain, that could also adhere to its walls and start smelling. The oil can accumulate and block water movement.

If you notice a terrible smell, it is best to call a plumber. When spotted at an early stage, you can clear the blockage. That would involve low costs, and you won’t have to change the pipes completely.

6. Burst Pipes

Blocked drains can lead to burst pipes. Burst pipes can be hazardous, and you must clear out all the water from the system immediately to prevent further damage. Turn off the boiler or the tap that leads to the burst pipe and turn on all the other fixtures to clear the system.

If the burst pipe is near any electrical line, you must switch off the entire electrical system to protect it. Then wait for the professionals to arrive and follow their instructions.

7. Noises From The Drain

Do you hear gurgling noises from your drain pipes? That can happen due to trapped air between debris, grease, and food particles forming a blockage. When you hear such sounds, you can be sure of a clog that is either completely formed or is forming.

Even if the water flow has not been affected, you should call for plumbing services. The pipe can be cleared up before an emergency occurs.

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Dealing With A Blocked Drain Emergency

Remember that the water in the drains may be contaminated and may not be suitable for your garden. Hence, please do not ignore if you notice pipe leakage around the plants. It is a dead giveaway, and we recommend replacing or relining the pipes immediately.

You can use an auger or a drain snake to remove the blockage in blocked toilet drains. However, if you are unsure of the process, calling for help is best. Rest assured, professionals will know what to do to repair your drains. A professional service will have a CCTV drain camera for detecting and clearing blocked drains as soon as possible.

Once they are in perfect condition, don’t throw tissues, sanitary napkins, grease, and food bits down the drain. These are major causes of blockage, which can easily be prevented. Also, keep a filter in sinks to prevent food from entering the drain.

Call our Sydney plumbers if you have a blocked drain emergency, and a team member can be dispatched promptly. Our plumbing company has customer service representatives available 24/7 to take your call, so get in touch with us! We also deal with other plumbing problems like a faulty hot water heater, gas leak, roof and gutter repairs, backflow prevention and more.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you soon. Goodbye and take care!

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