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Dealing with blocked drains is stressful, but when you use ineffective treatment methods like chemical cleaners, the situation can be difficult to control.

This is the point when most homeowners choose to use a high-pressure jet blaster and hire professional help to clean the drains as quickly as possible. Thankfully, plumbers are experts in plumbing emergencies like clearing any drain in residential or commercial buildings, and you can rely on their methods for a quick fix.

In one such method, plumbers utilise the application of a jet blast to clean a blocked drain. So, if you’re wondering what jet blasting is and how it helps clear the drain, let’s find out.

Why Jet Blast Is The Best For Your Drains

Cartoon Jet Blaster Removing Debris Pipe

A jet blaster is a high-pressure pipe system that efficiently removes minor blockages from the drains. Plumbers often decide that the clogged drains will not get cleared with regular methods like drain snakes. This is when they use a high-powered device like a jet blaster to clear the section quickly.

Essentially, a jet blaster is a long hose that can be connected to a normal garden tap that has the strength to withstand 5000 psi and is flexible enough to navigate in pipes. These pipes are inserted in the drains’ blocked section like a blocked sewer drain or clogged pipes and are blasted with high-pressure water to help the blockages dislocate from their place.

Sometimes, mineral deposits solidify and scraping them with a drain snake and other drain cleaners may not show any quick results. When tree roots grow into the pipes, cutting them might be too complicated. This is when jet blasting can come in handy.

Benefits Of Jet Blasters

While removing muck and filth using regular methods takes forever, jet blasting get the job done in a fraction of the time. This method is quite useful for clearing impurities from drains that would otherwise be difficult to remove. Take a look at some benefits of jet blasting in such situations.

Jet Blaster Sewer Drain Remove Clog

1. Removes All Types Of Clogged Drains

The most obvious benefit is, of course, jet blasting’s ability to do away with all sorts of clogging by mere force. The type of build-up hardly matters whether it is made of minerals, tree roots, grease, paper clumps or any other sanitary items. The high water pressure of the jet blasters takes away all the impurities present in the drain.

2. Less Invasive Solution To Unclog Drains

There is no doubt that unclogging a drain is messy and can be overwhelming for homeowners. Traditionally, one would have to dig up the ground to reach the section that has blockages. Alternatively, a drain snake would be used to manually manoeuvre the blocked matters out of the drains.

However, jet blasting makes a lot of difference and saves homeowners and plumbers from invasive methods. The blast of water does not damage the existing pipes and plumbing system; instead only removes the clogs.

Digging and fixing plumbing issues could potentially damage some parts, and since it is an invasive method, it also costs more. Jet blasting act as a better alternative to this drain cleaning problem.

3. Quicker Solution

Blocked drains can be pretty smelly, and anyone would wish to get done with the job in the quickest way possible. This means some immediate solution that doesn’t involve much effort in cleaning the drain would be required.

As previously mentioned, a drain snake would take hours to identify and clear up the mess. Even then, the drain will not be completely free of impurities. The quicker solution is to use a jet blaster to clear the muck instantly, so one does not have to spend hours clearing the smelly drain.

4. Non-Toxic Cleaning Method

If you have faced a problematic pipe clogging situation before, you’ll know that there are plenty of methods to clear the drains. Some of these methods involve adding strong chemicals to dissolve the condensed muck, which is highly dangerous for the skin.

Moreover, a few bleach-based cleaning agents emit strong fumes that can pollute the air and make breathing difficult. Using such items near pets or children can be harmful, and jet blasters work as an ideal alternative to these toxic chemicals.

Not Sure How To Use A Jet Blaster? Hire An Expert!

Ultimately, jet blasters are safer and quicker in removing blockages from drains. Homeowners can rest assured that this method will not cause any harm to the plumbing system. If you are not confident about using this method to clear the drains, you can always hire a professional for quality jet blasting services and get the job done.

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