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A blocked drain or overflowing sinks and toilets are a mess no one wants to deal with.

Issues like clogged sewer drain, blocked stormwater drain, water backing up into the shower or bathroom or slow draining into the kitchen sink are related to blocked drains. Water needs an outlet; otherwise, the pressure may create cracks in the pipes, which isn’t pleasant.

Whether the issue of your clogged drain is limited to one pipe or extends to the main pipe, calling a plumber or even an emergency technician may be necessary in some cases.

However, there are a few signs of blocked drains that you can identify even if you do not know anything about plumbing. Let’s look at some of the early signs of a clogged drain.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain In Sydney

Running Water Bathroom

1. Water Drains Slowly From Sinks

One of the first things you may notice is the slow water draining from kitchen or bathroom sinks. The same can also happen in the shower or bathtub, where particles can get stuck and cause a slow build-up of materials. And this build-up gets in the way of the water escaping naturally.

When it comes to the kitchen, food particles get stuck in the sink while cleaning, obstructing the flow of water — one of the most common issues found in residential pipes, which often gets ignored by homeowners. Pay attention to the slow draining and take action to fix your clogged shower drain or slow draining toilet quick enough to save you a lot of money in further damages.

If you leave slow drainage this way, there’s a high chance it’ll worsen. Ultimately, leaving the sinks unattended for a long time can get the pipes completely jammed, creating an emergency.

Finding a licensed plumber (blocked drains plumber) to inspect the pipes is crucial if your sinks reach this stage.

2. Rising Of Toilet Water From The Bowl

If the toilet pipes are blocked, it does not take much time to see an increase in the water level. The rise in water from the bowl indicates that the downstream pipes down to the sewer pipes or sewer drain are clogged and need fixing. A constant build-up of materials like hair or paper and the presence of objects that don’t belong in a pipe, like plastics, can cause this.

Just as with any other pipe, it is best to locate the clogging to make proper flushing possible again. So, the next time you see the water level rising or the flush not draining correctly, contact a blocked drain plumber to investigate the matter.

3. Noise From Pipes

Sometimes, you may be able to hear strange sounds coming through the walls. If there is a hissing or gurgling sound, especially near the water exits, it could be a sign of clogging in the pipes underneath. Usually, this occurs when the sewage drain pipe is not clear and thus has difficulty releasing the water to the main lines.

Furthermore, you can hear the gurgling noises right after flushing the toilet. However, the blockage may be the main drain, sink, shower, or bathtub drain. Air trapped in the pipes and pushed when there’s water flow creates these sounds.

If the sounds are not from blocked pipes, it could mean cracked pipes. And in both scenarios, calling a technician to check the drains would be a good idea.

4. Smelly Drains

While hearing clanging and gurgling noises is not a good sign, sniffing a foul smell is no better. It’s easy to ignore this sign, thinking that the bathroom or kitchen probably needs a thorough cleaning. But, if the scent is strong and usually isn’t as apparent, you can be sure that something is off.

Smelly drains indicate the pipes are blocked, and particles might be stuck with no way out. So, they sit there and emit a foul smell whenever there’s an obstruction in the water flow.

What Causes The Drain To Clog?

The problem is apparent when you encounter any of the issues mentioned above. It’s a case of blocked drains that need immediate unclogging. But what causes the drain blockages in the first place?

Hair Bathtub Drain

1. Hair Blockage

Hair blockages may be the most common drain cloggers out there when it comes to showers and bathtubs. Even a tiny amount of hair fall can accumulate to block the pipe after a while.

Additionally, the hair strands can tangle with other small objects, soap and grease to solidify that do not melt even after you pour tonnes of water.

2. Soap Blockage

Not everyone will know this, but regular bathing soap can also create blockages in the drain. If you wonder how this is possible, it has to do with soap accumulation in narrow places.

Some soaps made of fat or grease can mix with water and form foam to build up in the drainage system and block water flow.

3. Food Particles Blockage

Whether a commercial kitchen or a residential one, there is an inevitable accumulation of solid food particles in the drain. Of course, what follows is the blockage of one or all of your sinks in the kitchen.

However, you can still face clogging issues even if you actively prevent food particles from falling into the sink. The water drained out may contain oils, fats, and grease, solidifying inside the drain and causing an obstruction.

Check The Drain Performance

Plumbing Fittings Bathroom Floor

A simple test should tell you the current condition of the drains and whether water is flowing as it should.

Turn the tap on your sink and allow the water to flow for a few minutes. Now, check the toilet bowl if there’s any bubbling or gurgling when the water is running.

If the water level rises or there are unusual sounds, it could indicate the beginning of a drain blockage. Alternatively, you could also check the washing machine cycles when washing clothes. Observe the water level when the washing machine drains.

Checking the rise in water level is easy in bathrooms; head to the closest one to check for water backing up. Look at the toilet water level, the shower and the bathroom drain. If there is any clogging, the water levels in any of these drains will increase.

Sydney Blocked Drains

Typically, there will be signs of drains getting blocked, and you can prevent an unnecessary disaster if you look out for them in the early stages. It’s better to have an insight into the warning signs to know when to call a professional plumber to inspect the problem area.

If you have clogged drains and need outstanding plumbing services from a professional, reliable, affordable Sydney plumber, contact Fixed Fast Plumbing. We can provide an effective and permanent solution for your drain blockage. So, please don’t wait until it’s too late!

So, the next time you are unsure if the pipes are clear, test it for sounds and stable water levels to judge the drain performance.

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