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We don’t discuss tree root invasion as a problem as much as it needs to be.

When tree roots damage your pipes, they can throw off the balance of your entire drainage system. This is why it is crucial to keep your drains safe by maintaining them and your garden.

You have preventive measures to take when it comes to invasive tree roots. However, if it did happen already, here are a few steps you can follow to fix your problem for the time being.

Removing Tree Roots From Your Pipes

Typically, your drain pipes tend to be safe from any possible tree root damage. When being installed, these pipes are installed in a safe space. However, these fittings can become loose as time passes, or clay pipes can develop a few tiny cracks. Unfortunately, one crack is all it takes for nature to work its magic or havoc.

Tree roots naturally grow in the direction of the water. So, when these pipes are exposed, tree roots sense the presence of water in them and grow towards the pipes.

As these trees mature, their root system can get broader and wider. So, no matter how deep you bury your pipes, tree roots can still find them.

Signs Of Roots In Drain Pipes

Cracked Pipe Roots

1. Slow/ gurgling Drains

One significant sign of tree root invasion in your pipes is if your drains are slow or make a gurgling sound. It can also mean that you have a clog in your drain. You would need to figure out what causes the slow draining. Usually, if all your drains are relatively slower than they were before, chances are it is a root invasion. If it’s just one drain, it could be a problem with that specific drain.

2. Foul Odours

If tree roots significantly damage your drains and cause a blockage, you will experience a foul odour emitting from your drains. If it happens to one drain, it could be that particular drain blockage. However, the drain pipes can be damaged if the smell emits from multiple drains.

3. Sinkholes

Root invasion can damage your drain pipes and nearby sinkholes and sewer lines. When this happens, water from the drain pipe will begin seeping into the surrounding soil. This phenomenon can also occur with sewer line damages. This will make the soil loosen up due to moisture and sink. If you spot the soil near your pipes as quite soggy and weak, it can be an obvious sign of a root invasion.

4. Greener Trees

The moisture from the pipes can give the nearby trees a greener look. So, if the foliage near you is lush and green, chances are the roots have damaged some drain pipes.

Root Killing Remedies

You can find many root-killing substances in your home or some that you can buy easily. This can avoid your need to call a plumber or a drain specialist. These are also good preventive measures without killing the tree and keep your pipes safe from roots.

Tree Roots Backyard

1. Copper Sulphate

This blue salt-like crystal is usually available in most home improvement stores. Copper sulphate is a natural herbicide that can help kill off small tree roots invading your pipes.

All you have to do is flush half a cup of crystals down your toilet. However, it would be best to remember that copper sulphate is not ideal for septic systems, and their use must be in limited quantities.

2. Rock salt

These are almost similar to copper sulphate. A bonus of rock salt, compared to copper sulphate, is that it is much safer in septic systems. This makes rock salt a better alternative.

Make sure you use it sparingly. One-time use would be more than enough to kill the root. It can destroy the whole tree if you keep doing it more than once.

These steps can be a great temporary solution. But tree roots do not stop growing after a while. They keep growing, and you would need to continue doing this process over and over again. So, what happens when the tree roots grow back? To fix this, we need permanent solutions. And usually, professional plumbers have these permanent solutions.

Permanent Solutions To Removing Tree Roots From Your Pipes

Sometimes, you need to do more than just a few DIY tricks regarding tree roots. If it does not work, you need to bring in a professional. They have the necessary tools for solving the problem of invasive roots.

Tree Roots Coming Blue Pipe

Once you call a professional, they’ll first use a camera device called an endoscope to look inside the pipes. This device will help them see how bad the root problem is and how much the pipes are damaged. The camera can also detect other issues aside from your root invasion. Once they have figured out the problem, they can devise the necessary solutions.

These solutions are:

1. Mechanical Auger Or Rooter

A commonly used tool for root removal is called an auger or rooter. It acts like a saw and chops up the roots. They insert the device into the pipes, and they chop down the roots that are present inside. After the roots are thoroughly chopped up, you can clean the pipes by flushing down some water.

2. Hydro-jetting

Another popular method used to clear root invasion is called hydro-jetting. This method uses a high-pressure flow of water to push the roots from the pipes. They also shoot water at such high pressures that they can cut the roots down and help clear the pipe. Once the pipes are cleared, the water will flush down the debris. Learn more about how jet blasting works and its benefits.

3. Pipe Repair/replacement

Once you have cleared the roots from your pipes, you must give extra care and attention to the damaged pipes. Or else this same issue can happen again.

You can install a pipe sleeve that can close the cracks, if any, and prevent roots from penetrating the pipe. Consult your plumber if you need clarification about which pipe sleeve to get. They can give you a pretty good idea of the options available and what best suits your needs. You can also replace your pipes if they are quite old with newer materials like PVC. Or you can opt for a no-dig solution known as pipe relining. Check out if pipe relining is suitable for your problem.

Need Help With Removing Tree Roots From Your Pipes?

We take care of our drains and drain pipes in multiple ways but completely forget that tree roots are still a major problem. If you maintain your pipes and take the necessary steps when it comes to maintenance, you can avoid the invasion of tree roots in your pipes.

But if all else fails, Fixed Fast Plumbing will be happy to help you. We offer you solutions to all your drain problems at affordable rates. So, you can be satisfied, and so can your wallet. Give us a call today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading!

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