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Surry Hills

Fixed Fast Plumbing has been servicing the Eastern Suburbs region for more than a decade providing quality emergency blocked drains and plumbing in Surry Hills, servicing and install work.

As the blocked drains Surry Hills homeowners and landlords trust each and every day. We have an unmatched reputation within Surry Hills built on trust and quality over many years of service.

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Searching for a reliable plumber in Surry Hills? As a thriving cultural hub with a rich history, Surry Hills boasts an eclectic mix of heritage-listed buildings, terraced homes, and modern apartments. At Fixed Fast Plumbing, we’re committed to preserving the character of this vibrant neighbourhood by providing top-notch plumbing services.

When you choose Fixed Fast Plumbing to address drainage issues in your Surry Hills home or business, you can rest assured that you’re receiving quality service at a reasonable price. Our experienced plumbing professionals provide the best solutions for various plumbing issues, with expertise across maintenance, emergency plumbing and general pipe repairs.

Surry Hills is home to numerous parks, cafes, and small businesses, making it an exciting place to live and work. Fixed Fast Plumbing is proud to support this beautiful suburb by offering comprehensive plumbing services, including:

  • Hot Water System Repairs
  • Gas Fitting Services
  • Backflow Prevention

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we offer a 24/7 emergency service to handle any urgent plumbing issues in Surry Hills. For any plumbing problems that need to be fixed promptly and professionally, get in touch with Fixed Fast Plumbing, the trusted local experts.

Our team of dedicated plumbers is ready to provide quality emergency services across the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We have experience in servicing key areas such as Bondi Junction, Maroubra, Randwick, and Kensington.

At Fixed Fast Plumbing, we take pride in being the go-to plumber for Surry Hills residents, providing both general and emergency plumbing services. We’re here for you when you need us - call our friendly and efficient team today.

24/7 Emergency Plumbers

Plumbing issues can strike without warning, leaving residents of Surry Hills feeling overwhelmed and in need of urgent assistance. During these moments, Fixed Fast Plumbing is the top choice, providing round-the-clock emergency plumbing services to address even the most unexpected problems.

With a team of experienced professionals, Fixed Fast Plumbing is equipped to handle various emergency situations, such as lack of hot water, broken pipes, clogged sewer drains, and burst taps. The swift response and high level of expertise make this plumbing service invaluable in times of crisis.

  • No hot water
  • Broken pipes
  • Clogged sewer drains
  • Burst taps

Available 24/7, our plumbers are committed to providing prompt and reliable assistance for both emergency situations and planned visits. Residents in Surry Hills can trust that a capable expert will be at their doorstep, ready to resolve their plumbing issues quickly and effectively.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains and clogged toilet pipes can lead to water accumulation, overflowing basins, and other plumbing problems. There are many reasons why sewage in a home would get backed up, like an overflowing basin or a clogged toilet. An unpleasant smell could also emanate from the blockage. So, anytime you notice one of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

If not fixed quickly, these issues can even affect the water supply, leading to significant problems. The more severe the damage, the higher your repairs will cost.

Our insured, trained plumbers can help with all your drainage issues quickly and then prevent any more from happening in the future. We have solutions for every budget and can assess your problem to find the best solution for you. Blocked drain services available to Surry Hills residents cater to various types of blockages including kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilets, and laundry drains;

Older properties in Surry Hills might require proper inspection to avoid drainage problems due to tree roots or deteriorating pipes. Our experienced team utilizes the latest technology and techniques to address these challenges, ensuring a fast and efficient resolution for your peace of mind. Don’t let a blocked drain disrupt your daily life or cause damage to your lovely Surry Hills property. Contact our specialist team today to resolve your plumbing issues and safeguard your home against future problems.

Jet Blaster

Blocked drains can be the bane of any Surry Hills resident’s existence - causing unpleasant odours, slow draining water, and potential damage to surrounding infrastructure. Thankfully, Fixed Fast Plumbing provides top-notch water jetting drain cleaning services via our jet blasting method.

In the hands of our highly experienced team, this advanced technique is instrumental in removing the toughest drain blockages by shooting a powerful stream of water at high pressure through the pipes. This process not only clears the clog but also effectively cleans the entire pipe system from the inside out.

Accessibility is key for Surry Hills’ homes and businesses, which can have tight spaces or heritage buildings. Our versatile jet blaster, equipped with wheels for easy transport, enables us to tackle blockages in various locations without causing disruption to your property.

Trust Fixed Fast Plumbing for all your jet blasting needs to ease your plumbing woes and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a clean, functional drain system is just a phone call away.

CCTV Drains Camera

Utilising cutting-edge technology, the experienced team at Fixed Fast Plumbing offers CCTV drain camera services to expertly diagnose and resolve blocked drains and other common plumbing issues in Surry Hills. The CCTV inspection process involves navigating a specialised camera through the drainage system, providing our skilled plumbers with real-time visuals to identify the source of a problem effectively.

Thanks to years of expertise in the industry, the plumbing professionals understand that blockages and related issues can range from simple grease build-up to more complex issues such as damaged pipes. By utilising this advanced diagnostic tool, our team can quickly pinpoint and assess the severity of the issue to implement the most suitable solution.

When facing an uncertain plumbing problem, it can be overwhelming and stressful for Surry Hills residents. The best course of action is to trust in the reliable and knowledgeable plumbers at Fixed Fast Plumbing, who can utilise their state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to assess and resolve the situation promptly and proficiently.

Pipe Relining

Residents of Surry Hills trust Fixed Fast Plumbing to provide efficient pipe relining solutions for blocked drains. Our team of experienced plumbers employs cutting-edge technology to ensure your pipes seamlessly operate without disrupting your property.

Using a non-invasive approach, our plumbers can identify the cause of the blockage and reline the pipes without traditional excavation methods. This enables us to address root intrusion, corrosion, and leaks while preserving valuable outdoor spaces.

Not only is pipe relining a cost-effective solution, but it also extends the lifespan of your pipes by adding an extra layer of protection against damage. With trusted Pipe Relining services, Surry Hills residents can expect smooth drainage and peace of mind.

Emergency Blocked Drains in Surry Hills

Blocked drains are a common problem for households in Surry Hills, causing frustration, inconvenience, and potential damage to your property. Experiencing water up to the shins in a shower is not only unpleasant but can also lead to costly repairs if water damage, mould, and mildew occur.

If your sink emits an unpleasant smell, fails to drain or overflows, it’s time to call in the experts. Fixed Fast Plumbing has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable plumbers who provide efficient emergency blocked drain services, ensuring minimal disruptions to your daily routine.

Attempting to resolve a blocked drain without the proper expertise may worsen the issue. Trust our experienced plumbers to identify the root cause and implement effective solutions tailored to your specific circumstance. When it comes to blocked drains in Surry Hills, choose Fixed Fast Plumbing to restore comfort and functionality to your home.

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is indeed a frustrating and unpleasant experience for residents in Surry Hills. Taking swift action is crucial to avoid further complications and damage to the plumbing system.

At Fixed Fast Plumbing, the Surry Hills community can rely on our team of skilled plumbers to promptly attend to their blocked toilet emergencies while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Ignoring gurgling sounds in pipes or water rising in close-by drains while flushing can lead to bigger issues in the long run. Recognising these early signs of a blocked toilet is crucial for homeowners to take the necessary steps, such as contacting our expert team to provide efficient toilet unblocking services. Let our experienced plumbers in Surry Hills restore the peace of mind and functionality of your home’s plumbing.

Blocked Bathroom Sink

Unfortunately, bathroom sinks are catchalls for hair, grease, and grime. It may surprise you how much residue makes its way down the drain. Grease build-up in bathroom sinks is more common than you would think. Face washes and hair products often contain oils and other greasy ingredients in your sink.

Bathroom sinks in Surry Hills are no exception; with a variety of homes and businesses in the area, plumbing issues stemming from blocked sinks can arise unexpectedly. Our experienced and reputable plumbers at Fixed Fast Plumbing understand the unique challenges faced by residents and business owners when their bathroom sinks become blocked.

You will not have much success removing this obstruction yourself. As a result, it usually ends up in your drain, where you can’t reach it. If you prefer not to deal with the problem yourself, our skilled team can handle it on your behalf, offering a solution tailored to the specific needs of the Surry Hills community. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our professional bathroom sink unblocking service, entrusting your plumbing needs to trusted industry experts.

Blocked Kitchen Sink

Blocked kitchen sinks in Surry Hills properties can be a prevalent issue, potentially causing homeowners immense frustration and inconvenience. Prolonged blockages can lead to unpleasant odours, slow drainage, and even potential water damage. Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy drainage system, our team of skilled plumbers is dedicated to providing top-notch kitchen sink unblocking services to the community.

While store-bought drain cleaners might offer temporary relief, they can’t compare to the lasting solutions offered by professional plumbing services. Our expert team not only identifies and eliminates blockages but also shares preventive measures and helpful tips for homeowners in Surry Hills to keep their kitchen sinks flowing smoothly.

Trust the knowledgeable and experienced plumbers at Fixed Fast Plumbing to provide high-quality, comprehensive solutions for all kitchen sink blockages, ensuring peace of mind and a well-functioning home.

Blocked Floor Drain

In Surry Hills, many households and businesses benefit from having floor drains, an essential feature that helps prevent water accumulation and potential flooding. However, when blockages arise and floor drains become ineffective, a prompt and professional response is crucial.

Blocked floor drains can lead to unwanted water damage and pose a safety risk if not properly addressed. Our team of experts in Sydney can efficiently diagnose the problem and provide effective floor drain unblocking services for a hassle-free resolution.

Attempting to clear a blocked floor drain without professional assistance can result in wasted time and effort, while potentially exacerbating the issue. With Fixed Fast Plumbing, residents in Surry Hills can rely on our expertise and experience to deliver a swift, high-quality solution, ensuring your drainage system gets back to optimal performance.

Blocked Storm Water Drain

Designed to collect roof and gutter runoffs, stormwater drains are vital for capturing water in Surry Hills. During heavy rains or storms, they prevent your land from flooding, protecting your property and belongings.

If you notice pools of water nearby or water overflowing from the drains, it’s crucial to act immediately. Blocked stormwater drains can cause severe flooding the next time it rains, potentially resulting in costly damages to your property.

Our team at Fixed Fast Plumbing provides professional and timely stormwater drain unblocking services in Surry Hills. With our wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, we know how to tackle all types of blocked drains effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, by addressing the problem early on, you can avoid further complications and enjoy a fully functional drainage system.

Gas Fitting

In Surry Hills, homeowners and businesses can rely on Fixed Fast Plumbing for top-notch gas fitting services, delivered with professionalism and expertise. Living in this charming suburb means older buildings and heritage homes, which can present unique plumbing and gas system challenges. Our team of experienced gas plumbers are well-equipped to address these issues while preserving the character of your property.

From installing gas appliances to conducting routine maintenance, our skilled technicians ensure that all jobs adhere to the highest safety standards. Our use of advanced tools and techniques allows us to detect and repair potential gas leaks with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We understand the sense of urgency and concern when dealing with hazardous situations, so our team is on standby to assist in emergency repairs, including burst gas pipes and malfunctioning water heaters. Trust in our gas fitting services to provide peace of mind for your gas-related needs in Surry Hills.

As responsible industry leaders, Fixed Fast Plumbing complies with local laws and regulations, adhering to the guidelines provided by Fair Trading NSW. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, making us the premier choice for all your gas fitting services in Surry Hills.

Burst Pipe Repairs

Fixed Fast Plumbing offers comprehensive burst pipe repair services to residents and businesses in Surry Hills, Sydney. Burst pipes can be intrusive and potentially harmful, leading to property damage or even health hazards if left unchecked.

With years of industry experience and unparalleled expertise, our team of dedicated plumbers employ advanced techniques to diagnose and repair burst pipes efficiently, minimising disruption to your property.

Our modern approach to repairing burst pipes in Surry Hills focuses on implementing long-lasting solutions without causing unnecessary damage to your property or garden. For instance, pipe relining is a highly effective technique that reinforces the interior of the pipe, ultimately preventing future water leakage and prolonging its lifespan.

When it comes to &, our experts are not only experienced but also committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for our valued clients. Trust Fixed Fast Plumbing for reliable burst pipe repair services and for restoring peace of mind in your Surry Hills home or business.

Hot Water Systems

Contact Fixed Fast Plumbing

At Fixed Fast Plumbing, the experienced and knowledgeable team offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services to the Surry Hills community. Utilising their extensive industry expertise, they strive to provide the utmost quality service to address both emergency and general plumbing needs.

With a diverse skill set, the team at Fixed Fast Plumbing is adept at tackling various plumbing issues, from clearing blocked drains to expertly installing gas appliances. They are always at the ready to provide professional support and advice, ensuring residents of Surry Hills receive tailored, lasting solutions for their plumbing concerns.

The fast and reliable service offered by Fixed Fast Plumbing makes it easy for Surry Hills residents to access expert assistance anytime, any day. By dialling 1300 349 327, clients will be connected to one of the friendly technicians, who will promptly address their issue or schedule a suitable time for an in-person visit. Don’t hesitate to submit an enquiry form for additional support and peace of mind, knowing that all of your plumbing needs are in the capable hands of true industry professionals.

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Very pleased with the work by Fixed Fast. Punctual, courteous workers, all tasks performed to a very high standard. Don’t think I could find a better plumbing contractor anywhere in Sydney. Thank you Steve, Charlie and your team.


I found them to be professional and efficient in resolving my blocked sewer line. They attended to the problem on the same day as me calling them, arriving on time and calling prior on approach. I would happily recommend them to anyone in need of a plumber.

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Fantastic service and reasonable cost, especially so close to Christmas. Very responsive and adherence to timing was excellent. Highly recommend this company.

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First time using Fixed Fast and very happy with the services. Receptionist was responsive on the enquiry and time arrangement. The plumber Jesse did the fantastic work for us to fix the toilet leaking issue. Jesse is very professional and responsible and thanks for his work done!

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Exceptional service from Joe and Curtis. They were prompt, professional, courteous and the offer of a cup of coffee before they arrived was a nice touch. We will not hesitate to call on them for future services and will recommend them to family and friends.

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