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Ah! It’s a bright sunny morning, perfect for a stroll through the yard while enjoying the light breeze.

But just as you’re completing a one-yard lap, you happen to step in a puddle in one corner. That’s strange, mainly because it’s the onset of summer, so there’s no chance of rain for the time being.

Signs Sewer Drain Blocked

You inspect the area for a leaking garden hose and look for other answers, but nothing out of the ordinary grabs your attention. The normal tendency would be to walk back to the house without giving it much thought; we, however, recommend calling a plumber. Because this is one of the sure signs of a blocked sewer drain, and it’s essential to take steps before a clog in the main drain worsens.

But that’s not the only sign you should look out for; read more.

Replacement Pipe Ground

7 Signs Your Sewer Drain Is Blocked

1. Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is the first sign that something isn’t right with the plumbing system. And this could be a blocked sewer pipe. Suppose you are doing the dishes and notice that the water takes time to drain. Don’t overlook the issue because it’s pretty apparent that the sewer line is clogged.

Why is your main sewer line clogged?

There are various reasons why you experience blocked sewer lines, kitchen sink, etc. The most common is a build-up of leftover food, soap scum, and other items.

A similar problem can occur in the bathroom with shower drains where hair, dirt, wet wipes and debris clog the pipeline. Also, when you find that multiple areas of the house are draining slowly, the issue lies with the main pipeline.

The best action here is to contact the professionals without delay and ask them to investigate the main sewer line for clogs.

2. Flooded Yard

Did you wake up one morning and find a backyard swimming pool? You had been bugging your wife for ages, and maybe she decided to install it as a surprise! But like a mirage in the middle of a scorching desert, your happiness vanishes when she denies having installed one.

You go outside and find water in the middle of the yard, so you’re left wondering whether it rained last night. Only later do you realise that this could be a plumbing issue with the problem in the main sewer system drain or your septic tank.

The septic system, particularly your sewer lines, are usually buried several feet below the surface, making it challenging to identify any problem until it’s too late. While standing water is a certain giveaway, you must watch for an odd smell with the sewer blockage.

Sometimes, you can smell something wrong even before the yard starts flooding.

3. Foul Odour

You’re likely to find a sewer line blockage if you smell a foul odour from the kitchen sink, bathroom, or basement. Clogged or blocked pipelines have a characteristic funky smell due to the sewage stuck in the pipes that’s different from all other odours.

Also, search the floor for sewage lying around or being pushed back through the pipe.

4. Water Backing Up

Carrying on from the previous point, just as sewer may flow back through the pipes, you’ll find water backflow if there’s an issue with the sewer systems and drains. Usually, water backs up in the toilet or bathroom sink with a gurgling sound, and you can see it flowing out of the pipes.

This clarifies you have a plumbing problem, but how grave depends on whether the issue is limited to just one area of your home. Remember that the situation in the kitchen won’t be due to a clogged toilet drain and vice-versa.

On the other hand, if multiple pipes experience backflow, the main sewage system needs unclogging.

5. Where The Grass Is Greener

While the usual answer is “on the other side,” in this case, wherever you have a plumbing issue, we have already spoken about yards flooding with dirty water. Still, occasionally you’ll find that some areas are greener than others.

Plants need CO2 to survive, which sewer drains have in abundance, thanks to the waste coming out of most homes. Naturally, when you find areas of the yard are strikingly greener, it could be due to leaking and clogged sewer drains.

Digging under the green patches will lead you to a damaged pipe or broken pipe, so get these areas checked.

6. Rodent Infestations

Has your lovely and well-kept property turned into a haven for rodents? This happens when the critters are attracted to waste lying around the house, something that’s common with blocked sewer drains.

You should know that waste material containing fats or chunks of solid food are suitable meals for any rodent. Hence, it’s crucial to reinforce the pipeline with grates and ensure they aren’t deteriorating by hiring a reputable plumbing company for maintenance.

7. Surface Deterioration

Often blocked sewer drains affect soil composition, with even concrete surfaces caving in when they lose their integrity. The soil will subside if the pipe leaks water and continues to soak the surrounding area. If the issue remains unchecked, there are high chances of concrete foundations cracking, so you must be vigilant.

How To Fix A Blocked Sewer Drain

Fixing Active Sewer Pipe

Now that you know about the telltale signs indicating when the sewer drain is clogged let’s look at possible solutions to these problems so your property will have a properly working sewage system.

DIYers and homeowners lack the tools to fix blocked drains or expertise, which might worsen things. The best thing to do would be to hire a professional plumber or agency, leaving it to the experts to deal with any issue.

Plumbers will use CCTV drain cameras to inspect the pipeline and locate the source of the blockage. And when they narrow down the issue, one of the following methods will help clear the clog.

  • Removing debris and cleaning the main pipeline
  • Replacing and modifying the sewer line
  • Repairing broken pipes
  • Using a sewer rod to clear the debris
  • Installing suitable vents to suck the water away

Home Remedies For Clearing A Blocked Sewer Drain

Unblocking Dirty Water Bathroom Sink

Although we previously mentioned leaving the unclogging to the experts, some home remedies for clearing a blocked sewer drain are safe and worth trying.

1. Boiling water

Nothing’s better than boiling some water and pouring it down the clogged sewer line, hoping to loosen the debris. It helps remove conditioner, grease, and other toiletries as these substances have a low melting point.

2. Caustic And Natural Cleaners

Commercial caustic cleaners can remove grease, oils, and fat blockages. On the other hand, natural cleaners like soda, bicarbonate, and vinegar solutions work well with boiling water and unclog the pipes, thanks to their fizzing effect. Be careful about using chemical drain cleaning solutions, for these might harm your pipes.

3. Plunger

Opting for a tried-and-tested method seldom fails, so bring the plunger to clear mild blockages. Plungers form a vacuum seal around the opening, and when you pull, they suck debris out of the plughole.

Blocked Sewer Drain Sydney

That’s everything you need to know about some common signs pointing to a blockage in the sewer drain.

After reading our guide, we hope that you’ll be able to spot blocked drains, such as blocked sewer drains, floor drains, outdoor drains and etc., quickly and take proactive steps to limit the damage. Most importantly, it would help if you carried out maintenance a couple of times a year to restore the quality of the pipelines.

Remember, the team at Fixed Fast Plumbing is always here to help. So do not hesitate to call us to fix your blocked sewer drain in Sydney.

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